Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old style posting

This lovely red pillar box with it's crown on top is still in use on the corner of Darling St and Holmes Rd, Moonee Ponds.


  1. Fantastic. Great to see a few of these old pillar boxes still in use. They are perfectly suitable for standard size letters and there are certainly plenty of alternatives if you are posting a larger item.

    I use the old pillar box in Port Melbourne as often as I can.

  2. Unfortunately the local old style ones are nowhere near me or I'd be very pleased to be using them. The PO even took away my closest post box (not an old style pillar box, but one with a small slot) on the grounds that it didn't receive enough mail, and they needed more boxes in Footscray. Mind you, I'd have used it far more often if the slot had been wider, so I was rather put out about the whole thing. They've never brought the box back. :-( I just hope the people of Footscray have appreciated the box they got from Essendon.