Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wonder Woman

She seems to have stars on her headband, like Wonder Woman.  A detail from the Terrace in Miller St.

I just like terraces

This cute little terrace can be seen in Miller St, Essendon with many decorative features intact.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There is something appealing about the smart Lego designs with the orange tiles which contrasts with....just about everything, but somehow I prefer the whimsical mock Roman decoration of the Pioneer Store.  Don't you just love the fake balustraded balconies?  I wonder if the Stonz building will be still there in 120 years? 

.....And the new.

Stonz cafe on the corner of Buckley Street and Washington Street, Essendon, diagonally opposite the Pioneer Store.

The old.......

The Pioneer Store, 1890, on the corner of Buckley Street and Clarinda Road, Essendon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Art deco architecture No 2

Each pair of cottages has it's name festooned across the entrance vestibule.  This one is "Arcadia".  The pair at the western end are called "Quamby".

Art Deco Architecture No 1

I find this row of single-storey art deco cottages rather cute.  You can find these in Smith Street, Moonee Ponds. The festoon of cables crossing the street would have struck the early home purchaser as signalling every home comfort.  The cottages appear to be in fairly original condition on the outside apart from an altered fence at the far western end.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More posting styles

This old style letterbox is back in service on the corner of Mt Alexander Rd and Thorn Street, Essendon.  These old pillar boxes have been out of service for letter writers for some years, used instead by Australia Post leaving bags of mail to be collected by posties, and I am surprised and pleased to see that they have been returned to the job they were made to do - receiving letters.  It is interesting to see the different styles of boxes.  This one has been made by "E Chambers, Prahran".  A previous pillar box on this blog was manufactured by "H Anderson and Sons, Makers, Jeffcott Street, Melbourne".  I wonder when each of them was made?

UPDATE  I notice there are some photos of early-style pillar boxes on the Walking Melbourne Forum.